Heart for the House with Mina Neil

In these Heart for the House interviews, we chat with a member of our church family about their journey with God, their heart for the house, and their visions for the future. This week we hear from Mina Neil, OG C3 Hutt City family member, incredible woman and all around legend! 


How long have you been following Jesus?

I have been following Jesus for nearly 2 years. Christianity was very mild as I was growing up, so I didn’t take God seriously. I have a lot of testimonies on how I fell in love with God So if you want to know more, shout me lunch today!

How did you hear about C3 Church Wellington?

So, I was in a season of hunting, for a new church and I also had been baptized for 2 months. My little sister, Jaelee, was at an appointment and a lady had approached her. This lady is a very good friend of our Pastors, her name is Deb. She mentioned to Jaelee about a new church coming to town, C3 Hutt City. So long story short, Jaelee told me, Debs ended up stalking me and told me about the first interest gathering and I was all in.

When did you make C3 Church Wellington home?

I think, the day I went to the first interest. I met Bex at the top of her driveway and she stood on my toe! As My family and I were heading to the backyard, Steve jumped out of nowhere, introduced himself, we did the same and once I introduced my daughter, who has Type 1 diabetes, and had suffered from a seizure around that time, he started smashing out in praying over her. I felt a huge sense of real love, and knew I was in the right place. I just knew, I was home.

What attracted you to C3 Church Wellington?

When Ps. Steve gave his first speech at the interest, I was blown away with how much passion he had for Jesus, people and the community. My heart beats strongly around these. So I was grateful to hear that they came to plant in our city and communities within it, to reach out to those who don't know Jesus. They also really impacted me by how young they are, I used to think old people were pastors, so too see them, I was like Yes! Cool, fresh, awesome attitudes! Holla at ya girl!

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of C3 Church Wellington?

As a church, a part of our mission is to bring those far from Jesus, close to Him. I want to make it a part of my mission to help that, by restoring the hearts that are far from Him, because to change a lifestyle, from being in the world to coming out of it, can get very tough. I want to help support that, because it's easy to make a decision, than it is to act on the decision. Restoration is a spiritual gift of mine that is very plain to see through out my life (beyond the mess) God is a healing God, He restores and takes back what the enemy has stolen from us already. As children of God, we can also do this in His authority. We can do our part in this community, city, nation and world, to help restore the broken, help fix those troubled hearts and help build the kingdom. Whatever is important to God, is important to us. In Psalms Ch 94 Vs 19 it says: "When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul." I looked up what Consolation means and it means: "The comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment." We all want comfort in many areas of our lives. Especially after we feel defeated. God provides this to us when we seek and allow Him. It is also my joy to see this happen in others lives. I want to see this happen in our church, and for our church to lead this out into the community and into our city.