Heart for the House with Hollie Arnett

In these Heart for the House interviews, we chat with a member of our church family about their journey with God, their heart for the house, and their visions for the future. This week we hear from Hollie Arnett, our Visual Media Director, Creative Collective Leader, and one of our fabulous worship leaders!


How long have you been following Jesus?

Since as early as I can remember, I went to church with my Nana at Horton Bank Methodist Church, where I was introduced to Jesus and the stories of the bible. I didn’t really know Jesus, but I knew that God was real. When I moved to New Zealand at 10, I went to a Baptist church with my Dad once, but it didn’t really stick for either of us. Eventually, in 2010 I was invited along to Primal Youth in Christchurch where my real relationship with Jesus began and has continued to grow every day since!

How did you hear about C3 Church Wellington?

When I lived in Christchurch, I attended C3 Christchurch (now C3 South City) and their Primal Youth programme. The pastor, Steve Burgess suggested that when Sam and I moved to Wellington in 2012, we check out C3 Church Wellington since it was part of the same movement so we did!

When did you make C3 Church Wellington home?

The first weekend after Sam & I moved from Christchurch, we headed to C3 Church Wellington. Since we had both been in the worship teams for Primal and C3 in Christchurch, we got talking about worship and that day we had signed up to join the worship team! We were part of the family straight away, it became our home from that day forward and we’ve never looked back!

What attracted you to C3 Church Wellington?

I had loved the family vibe at C3 Christchurch and when I moved here hoping to find the same thing, I wasn’t disappointed. As a young Christian finding my feet as an adult and venturing off on my own for the first time, it was comforting to have somewhere to call home. When my own family was miles away and I was alone in my awful uni hostel, I knew that I had a second family at C3 Church Wellington that would always be here for me, and they have! I have met most of my favourite people here and they will be my friends and family for life I’m sure.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of C3 Church Wellington?

I really believe that C3 Church Wellington is called to create something incredible. We are blessed with so many talented people that I know we can come together with vision, ideas, passion and action to do things others have never even dreamt of. I know that I am biased towards the creative side of things, but we live in a creative city and we are always welcoming the most creative people I’ve ever met into our church family who I am amazed by and learn from every day. With our home here in Wellington, right between several creative college campuses, in the creative capital, I think we’re destined to be pioneering Christians with creative new ways of doing things and bringing people to know Jesus in ways you never could have imagined!